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Committee Charter


Telecommunication Committee Charter


Herons Glen Homeowners Association, Inc. Ad Hoc Committees Charter Preamble

The President, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, may from time to time appoint ad hoc committees with such powers and of such composition as the President with the approval of the Board of Directors shall determine. Ad hoc Committees may be continuing until their purpose either is achieved or changed as the President with the approval of the Board of Directors may determine.

  • Every Ad hoc Committee shall have a chair, appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors, to lead all meetings and a secretary selected by the chair to record minutes for HOA office records and deliver a report of any findings to the Board of Directors and when appropriate to the Association membership.
  • Ad hoc Committees shall have at least three (3) members but no more than seven (7) members.
  • The President of the Association and the Association Manager or Assistant Manager may be a non-voting ex- officio member of any ad hoc committee.
  • Ad hoc Committee recommendation(s) requiring Board action shall be presented to the board.
  • Supporting documents shall be distributed to the board prior to the first Board Workshop held following the committee meeting at which the recommendation(s) had been determined.

----------- End of Ad Hoc Committees Charter Preamble -----------


 Telecommunications/Broadband Services Ad Hoc Committee Charter



  • Monitor telecommunication and broadband services offered by the HOA designated provider(s) of such services.
  • Together with Association management, assemble and report any problems needing board action to the Board of Directors appropriately.
  • Seek and provide ways to improve communication of provided service issues between the community and the board.
  • Seek and provide to the Board a list of companies which may provide such services as determined necessary for the community to commence in April of 2021.


Committee Size:

  • The committee shall consist of at least three (3) but not more than seven (7) members. Committee Duties:
  • Produce a list of community needs/options for services to be provided by the HOA. These may be telecommunications and/or broadband services.
  • Research providers for the board to consider for offering services determined to be needed for the community.
  • Meet at least monthly while research is conducted and post notification of such meetings.
  • Work with any professionals as may be selected by management and the board.
  • Choose a chair who shall:
  1. Schedule meetings
  2. Prepare an agenda.
  3. Appoint a secretary to record minutes which shall be on record in the HOA office.
  4. /

Committee Reports to the Board


Committee Notes

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