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BlueStream Services

BlueStream Services

BlueStream Services

BlueStream Services

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Blue Stream Video & Internet Services will begin on June 1st 2021.


What is the cost for each homeowner per month?

The bulk rate for the 1st year is $66.95 per month per home. Blue Stream bills the HOA monthly for payment of the fees. The cost for this is included in the HOA quarterly assessments.


How much are we paying to Blue Stream per month?

During the first year of service for 1284 homes at the rate of $66.95 per home, the HOA will pay $85,964.00 per month for the basic services.


Are the increases yearly and what will be the amount of increases?

The annual increase will be 3.75% +$1.00 for the first 5 years and 3.75% each year thereafter.

Will individual homes be charged more for the basic service offered?

All homes in Herons Glen will be charged the same rate for basic services.

Will there be a special rate for people who are not here in the summer?

The basic service rate per home is charged to the association monthly and paid for in the quarterly assessments. The low basic service rate is a result of having a bulk agreement for the community. There is no discount for seasonal residents.

What is the price compared to what we are paying to Broadstar?

The Blue Stream rate beginning June 1, 2021 is $66.95 and the Broadstar rate for months prior to the new contract is $51.40.

Any idea of the one-time cost to the community?

There is not a one-time cost to the community. The agreement is for a bulk rate fee with increases annually to be paid monthly for the term of the 9 year agreement.

Is there any level of services available without a monthly cost to the homeowner?

No, all services provided include a cost to the homeowner. The basic video and basic Internet service are charged in the quarterly assessments. All extra services a homeowner chooses to have are charged from Blue Stream directly to the homeowner monthly.

What services are included in the basic program vs Broadstar?

Current services provided are TV satellite (DISH Network) which include 70 channels and 240 plus channels with a set top box (included) and Internet speed of 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.


New services effective 6/1/2021 will be fiber to the home. The service will include 80 channels and 300 plus channels with a set top box (2 included) and Internet speed of 300 Mbps download and 300 Mbps upload. Please see the Blue Stream Presentation link on the TBS Webpage.

When do I notify Broadstar to cancel my service?

When your new services are installed by Blue Stream, If you have extra services with Broadstar, you will need to contact them and cancel your extra services. The Broadstar basic cable and Internet service will continue to be available until June 1st, 2021.


Given the transition from Broadstar will happen during the summer when many of us are gone. How will we get the equipment back to them? Will there be a drop-off area where we can leave the equipment as we leave?

Broadstar has an office located 5 miles north of Herons Glen on HWY41. Residents can return equipment to the Broadstar Office during business hours. You must get a receipt for the equipment you are returning to avoid being charged for the equipment by Broadstar.


The HOA will work with Broadstar to provide dates, times and additional locations for residents to return equipment if possible. Residents will not be permitted to leave equipment at the HOA Office.


Will our WIFI Router, Modem and DVR need to be replaced?


Since the old fiber-optic lines will not be used, will they be removed including those ugly pods in our yards?

The Fiber Optics installed underground for the current system will not be removed. The aboveground cabinets that belong to Broadstar will be removed within 90 days after the contract ends.

Who is responsible for the existing fiber network?


We have read that there has been fiberoptic installation in HG in the past. Why can’t we use what is already there and just expand on it?

The existing fiber-optic network was designed for a hybrid system of fiber and coaxial cable. A new contractor coming in designs and installs their own system for best delivery and performance of their service. Assurances of performance are impossible when attempting to retrofit an infrastructure they did not install.


How deep will the main lines and secondary lines be buried?

Distribution Wiring and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) will be installed in conduit at a depth of 18 to 24 inches, where practical and drops to the homes will be installed at a depth of 8 to 14 inches.

The TBS team encourages all residents of Herons Glen to check the site regularly to stay current on the latest status and activities related to the project


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